Disturbance in WieWasWie

December, 13th 2017: Due to an upgrade of the software WieWasWie shows some inconveniences, like simple search problems with wildcards (* and ?), and problems using the search field "Role". Use the filter "Role" instead to refine your search results, but be aware that several Roles, like father, appear more than once in the list. We'll do the utmost to get this fixed. Follow this news to stay up-to-date!

Announcement: The Royal Collections of the Netherlands

03-07-2017: Did one of year ancestors work in the Royal Household? As of today you can find the answer on that question in WieWasWie. The information is derived from the staff registers of the Royal Household which were kept from 1814 until 1940.

Replacement WieWasWie site

13-03-2017: the moment has come to replace the ' old' website by the beta version. This operation is scheduled for Wednesday, March 15th. For that reason WieWasWie will temporarily be unavailable from 8 AM (cet). We trust the operation will last appx. one hour. We will inform our users via our social media channels.

The renewed WieWasWie is available in a bèta version

In 2014 the CBG|Centrum voor familiegeschiedenis started a project for the renovation of WieWasWie. Now, two years later, this project results in a b├Ęta version of the renewed WieWasWie.