WieWasWie introduces LINKS

14-11-2018: New in WieWasWie from today: Civil registration certificates are now linked to other certificates. With LINKS you can build up your family tree in the civil registration period much easier and in shorter time. And it also provides you LINKS, that weren't easily to find with manual searches.

101 Best Websites for genealogy

23-09-2018: The American Family Tree Magazine has named WieWasWie to the list of 101 Best Websites for genealogy. Family Tree Magazine is America's largest-circulation genealogy magazine.

New data in WieWasWie

08-08-2018: In the recent period a lot of new registers have been added to WieWasWie. Look at the summary.

Best website European Genealogy

18-05-2018: We are proud! The English publisher 'Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine' put WieWasWie second best in the list of 'Best European Genealogy Websites'.

More than 455.000 criminals in WieWasWie

17-01-2018: More than 455 thousand thieves, murderers, poachers, arsonists and more in WieWasWie! All crooks from the registration registers of the Houses of detention in Brabant (1812-1925). Do you have criminal ancestors?

Military registers

22-12-2017: The Administration and the draw for the military services were recorded in so called 'militieregisters’. Because every conscript was registered, all Dutch guys from 18 years of age were noted in the militia registers between approximately 1811 until 1940. Even if they were withdrawn for conscription, or got an exemption, or hired a replacement (remplaçant). Because of this broad coverage there’s is a very good chance that you can find your Dutch ancestors in the militia registers.

Announcement: The Royal Collections of the Netherlands

03-07-2017: Did one of year ancestors work in the Royal Household? As of today you can find the answer on that question in WieWasWie. The information is derived from the staff registers of the Royal Household which were kept from 1814 until 1940.

Replacement WieWasWie site

13-03-2017: the moment has come to replace the ' old' website by the beta version. This operation is scheduled for Wednesday, March 15th. For that reason WieWasWie will temporarily be unavailable from 8 AM (cet). We trust the operation will last appx. one hour. We will inform our users via our social media channels.