Best website European Genealogy

Best website European Genealogy

We were happily surprised when the English publisher 'Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine' put WieWasWie second best in the list of 'Best European Genealogy Websites'.

'Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine' is a monthly magazine of BBC Magazines regarding the research of of family history and licensee of the succesful TV program 'Who Do You Think You Are?'. It's not just another list, which makes us even more proud.

Last year WieWasWie was listed in the '101 Best Websites for Genealogy' of the American Familytree Magazine.

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WieWasWie is brilliant for anyone researching Dutch ancestors, and currently boasts a database of more than 152 million names. Key resources include civil registration data, population registers from 1850 (where municipalities keep track of who is living within their boundaries), church records and military sources. You can explore the ‘Sources’ and ‘News’ sections for coverage and latest additions. In January the website was bolstered by records of more than 455,000 criminals from registers of the houses of detention in Brabant (1812–1925). You can search the website’s database for free, but the greater functionality of Premium Access costs €5 per month or € 18.50 per year.

The first place on the list was for FamilySearch. You can download the article here.