More than 455.000 criminals in WieWasWie

Houses of detention in Brabant

More than 455 thousand thieves, murderers, poachers, arsonists and more in WieWasWie! All crooks from the registration registers of the Houses of detention in Brabant (1812-1925). The Brabants Historisch Informatie Centrum (BHIC) digitized and indexed these registers with the help of many volunteers.


In november 2015 BHIC started their second ‘crooks project’ via crowdsourcing. More than 300 volunteers helped from their homes to index the data on the scans of these registers. These detention houses were inhabited by people who were convicted for all kind of violations and crimes, by hostaged people because of debts, by people awaiting their court cases, and by people who were locked up by request of their relatives because of prodigality or misconduct. So not only big criminals were locked up, but also civilians, that just made a single violation.

Rich source

The bulky registration registers of the Houses of detention are a beautiful source for genealogists, but also sociologists and criminologists love this rich source. They contain the name, date of birth, place of birth, the profession of all these prisoners, men and women, but also contain information about the  condemnation by the court of justice and the misconduct. And many of these registers contain fysical descriptions of the prisoners and information on their parent, civil status, education and behaviour in prison!

Do you have criminal ancestors? Search by name and filter then on the organisation "BHIC" and documenttype "Institutional Register".