Help with the content

What data is available in WieWasWie?
Because we're updating the database continuously, we don't provide a fixed content index. If you need to know which data is available in a certain city or period, you can easily use the regular search function.

How can I monitor new data regarding my family?
If you have a free registration or a Premium subscription AND you're logged into WieWasWie, you can mark certificates as favourite. When you expand a search result, you can click the button 'Add to favourites' on the right side. You can find your saved favourites in your account settings. When you want to receive email notifications when there is new information at one of your favourites, you need to tick the checkboxes in your account settings. If you want to delete one of your favourites, you can delete this favourite in your account settings or press the button 'Remove from favourites' in an expanded search result.

Why are ages unavailable at death certificates or marriages?
Ages might be unavailable because these aren't supplied with the data by the participating institutions. The reason can be that these ages haven't been indexed.

Why are some places unavailable?
The reasons might be that these places haven't been indexed or the data were not supplied in the right (extended) format.

How can I report errors?
Thank you very much for your effort. Since WieWasWie is a central website/database for many archives we don't inspect and correct the errors ourselves. The individual archiving institutes take care of that process in the source data. WieWasWie send the errors to these institutes and on a frequent base we harvest the corrected data, so at the end it will be corrected in WieWasWie as well.
On the expanded part of the search result you can click the button 'Error message' on the right side to inform the coresponding archiving institute. However, you must be logged in to have this option available. A free registration is enough to have this possibility.

How can I sort the results?
WieWasWie primarily provides the search results in order of the last names, but you can sort the results yourself on other columns. You can sort by clicking on the label of the specific columns. When you click again on the label of a sorted column, the sort will ben reversed.

Why can't I find recent certificates?
Civil registration (burgerlijke stand) certificates are only allowed for publicaton after a certain period of time. Death certificates after 50 years, marriages after 75 years and births after 100 years. Some institutions open their civil registration archives only in blocks of 5 or 10 years. For relative recent data, let's say 100 years, you might take a look in other sources, like personal record cards and -lists. Also familiy announcements in our collection might be of a good help in your recent search.